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Within a few sessions, Kang Eastern Medicine patients who suffer from a variety of ailliments such as infertility, back pain, digestive troublesproblems, anxiety and even asthma have shown show signs of improvement.


What are people SAYING

  • Sherry D. Pasadena, CA
    I'm back to rave on! I started seeing Dr. Kang for lower back pain. The treatments have been extremely effective in ridding me of the dull ache that chiropractors have been unable to alleviate. Since I began therapy I have sustained additional injuries. I'm too, old to move as quickly as I do. So I injure myself. Just after packing my 2014 documents and taxes away, I tripped over a bankers box and hit my chin on the landing and injured my neck. Dr. Kang to the rescue! A few treatments later no pain. Then I accidentally kicked a chair while barefoot and tore a ligament in my poor baby toe! Acupuncture dramatically reduced the pain and swelling. It is still tender but I can wear shoes! Soothing music, pleasing aesthetics and a cup of tea upon departure make Kang Eastern Medicine a necessary respite in a hectic lifestyle.
    Sherry D. Pasadena, CA
  • Hiro T. Glendale, CA
    I went to see Dr. Kang because I have suffered from migraine for 30 years. My migraine comes at least once a year and lasts over a month. I tried DIFFERENT PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS and nothing worked. My friend recommended to do some acupuncture treatment which may improve my migraine. When I visited Dr. Kang about 3 years ago, I didn't expect much because I knew eastern treatment would take time to get improvement. In my first visit, Dr. Kang spent a lot time for consultation before the treatment. Then she gave me acupuncture and cupping in the back. After the treatment, she gave me tea bags and Chinese Medicine(Kanpo yaku) to try out. Also, she advised ME TO change dietary habit and told me good food for my body. In one week after the treatment, heavy migraine got much improved. I also start eating food she recommend. Then my MIGRAINES finally disappeared in about 15 days! I go to see Dr. Kang once a month since then. And amazingly. no migraine for over 3 years. Thank you very much Dr. Kang, you changed my life. I highly, highly recommend Dr. Kang to everybody who suffer FROM migraine.
    Hiro T. Glendale, CA
  • Sherry D. Pasadena, CA
    I was going to wait until after my second treatment to review Kang Eastern Medicine, but I need to rave about the lack of pain in my hip since my first treatment four days ago! I have suffered chronic pain in my hip for many years. I workout everyday because it helps my hip to feel better but the soreness remains. Chiropractors have helped but the pain is always there. Four days and I am pain free!!!I have another appointment this week and I can't wait!!! The refreshing tea after your treatment is also a nice touch.
    Sherry D. Pasadena, CA
  • S M. Pasadena, CA
    Great staff, clean facility, great service. I love this place! You will not regret it !
    S M. Pasadena, CA
  • J G. Los Angeles, CA
    Dr. Kang & her staff are AMAZING!!! I've had lots of digestives issues and suffer from migraines. I've been seeing Dr. Kang for over a year and she has been very helpful. I have less migraines and I'm about 80% better. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
    J G. Los Angeles, CA

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